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#1 04-10-2014 18:06:34

Sally Gillam
From: Harwich Runners
Registered: 20-04-2009
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Essex Way Rules

Essex Way Rules/Guidelines
This is my understanding of the rules of the Essex Way.  I do not claim to be a guru and would definitely defer to Bob Teer and other long standing organisers!
The Essex Way is a free trail race organised by and for the Essex Running Community.  It is traditionally run in a spirit of competitive but supportive cooperation. This is set in stone!

Each leg is organised by a different club or combination of clubs.

There are three overseeing roles:-
Website – currently Graeme Knott (Harwich),
Scorers Martin Clarke (Ilford/Harwich) Previously Andy Clarke (TGT),
Administrator - Spreadsheet Entries and Logistics Sally Gillam (Harwich).

All Clubs should be encouraged to share the organisation of legs and be willing to swop from time to time.
Race Rules
1.    The Essex Way Relay is always run on the first Sunday in September.
2.    There three categories/prizes:-
    Vet 45
3.    Runners must be members of the club they represent.  This is not necessarily first claim.
4.    Runners must not run for their second claim club against their first claim club without the agreement of the first claim club.
5.    Each team must be made up of 10 different runners.
6.    A runner can compete in more than one team. As an example if a club is short a runner in their B team, a runner from the A team could run.
7.    The spirit of the race is friendly and cooperative so runners are expected to help each other. As an example if a runner sees another runner go off course, the expectation is that the runner will be called back.
8.    Clubs are responsible for their own runners. If a runner gets lost/has an accident obviously anyone local to the incident would be expected to assist. However ultimately the club is responsible. 
9.    Runners are expected to reccie their route. It is not acceptable practice to leave markers to remind or guide. The Poppy Markers and trail directions are sufficient.
10.    A team without a runner on a leg will receive a score of 100 points. If a runner starts a leg but does not finish the team will be scored the points of the last finisher plus one.
11.    Age limits – my view is if a club is confident a runner can navigate the route adequately and can run the distance that’s ok.  If there’s a problem it will be the club’s responsibility and there can be a massive difference between two 15 year olds.
12.    Deadline for entries will be emailed by the Administrator – it is usually a few days before the race as we all know the logistical nightmare of organising an Essex Way team.
13.    Clubs winning a trophy must arrange to have their name engraved and at their own expense. They must return the trophy for the following year.

Enforcing the rules
Obviously if we have rules, we have to have a system to enforce them.  The spirit of the Essex Way is cooperative and supportive so it is based on trust. However if there is an alleged breach of the rules,   I would suggest:-
The most likely/recent dispute would be about runners running in the same team twice.
•    The scorer is co-opted as referee.
•    The person making the allegation of rule discretion explains the situation to the scorer.
•    The scorer will ask the team accused of the rule breach of their side of the story.
•    If there is continued dispute, the team accused could be asked to declare the team in retrospect.
•    The scorer’s decision will be binding.
•    If a breach has occurred a penalty of 200 points will be applied (new/my idea! – disincentive to cheat)

Leg Organisation
1.    Clubs responsible for a leg will check the leg in advance of the race to ensure the directions are still correct. Any amendments are made by emailing Graeme Knott. He will send a master Word document for changes to be added to and returned to him.  Graeme cannot make the changes!  This should be done by beginning/middle of July so the routes are checked before runners are recceing in earnest. A note should be made on the forum. We have become a bit lapse on this in recent years.
2.    The forum should act as a central point of information. Members checking the routes should be encouraged to post any obstacles or issues on a leg on the forum.
3.    If possible clubs should try to garden any particularly over grown parts of the course. Example Leg 9 – path down from the Windmill to The Street in Ramsey.
4.    Clubs should apply for a Trail Running Permit from The Trail Running Association (aka Dave Game). This provides insurance and is free.
5.    On the day, clubs tick off teams at the start on the spreadsheet provided by the administrator and ensure they are aware of how many runners there are. A note should be made of non running teams.
6.    At the end of the leg, the order of runners is recorded on the results sheet. This will be emailed by the Administrator.
7.    The results sheet should be passed to the Scorer as soon as possible.
8.     It is at the discretion of clubs as to whether they provide a water station. This is dependent on the length of leg, time of day and weather.  Generally it is good to have water at the end of a leg although this may simply be help yourself.
9.    Again it is at the discretion of organising clubs as to how much they inform the locals on the route of their legs.  It is often wise to inform key places e.g. Leg 9/10 – I always remind the Landlord of The Castle Inn in Ramsey to expect an increase in numbers.  However this will be dependent on manageability.
10.     Marshalling may be provided on road crossing points if a club considers it necessary and/or wishes to provide this extra. The Essex Way remains a trail race and is run by adults so crossing a road is well within most adults grasp!
11.    A Leg Organiser can disqualify a runner for dangerous behaviour or blatant cheating.   The example of blatant cheating we had one year was when two runners (at the front end of the race) got lost, asked a car driver for directions back to the Essex Way (no problem so far) but then accepted a lift.  An example of dangerous behaviour might be running across the railway line on leg 8 when asked by the Marshall to wait.  A serious accident could put the future of the race at risk.  In enforcing these rules I think that any breach of the rules must be witnessed by a Marshall or club person.  Not be hearsay of another runner.



#2 21-10-2014 21:15:07

Mart Clarke
Registered: 05-10-2014
Posts: 1

Re: Essex Way Rules

I think Sally's suggestions form an excellent foundation for the Rules and am more than happy that they are adopted as they stand.



#3 24-08-2015 09:42:41

From: Harwich Runners
Registered: 03-11-2008
Posts: 89

Re: Essex Way Rules

Looks good to me



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